My name is Sondra Fitzgerald.  I am a mom and a licensed esthetician, who comes from the fast paced corporate world as an Executive Manager.  I have always had a passion for skin care and truly enjoy helping people feel good about themselves.  I strive to be the very best in my profession by researching and obtaining additional training/certifications.  The skin is the largest organ of our body.  Not only is it important what we do on the outside but also what we do on the inside.  I am happy to share my knowledge and research with my clients.

On a personal note, some of my other passions are traveling all over the world with my son, snow skiing, boating, Broadway musicals, symphonies, hiking, biking, yoga, jazzercise, the beach, museums and ice skating.... just to name a few;-)

It is "fantabulous" to be at a place in life, where you can work in a field you are truly passionate about.  I will do my utmost to give you the best service with the best results.  I look forward to meeting you.

Warmest wishes,

Sondra Fitzgerald